When you are in foreclosure the end result is usually losing your house and being forced to relocate. When this happens you don’t make any money from losing your home and you may still be responsible for the debt from the property you just lost.
The Court Report can change that. We provide two options to help relieve you of the foreclosure problem, put money in your pocket and assist you in your relocation to a new home.

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option-icon OPTION 1

This option will allow you to extend the amount of time you can stay in your home and once the foreclosure in over give you the funds you need to relocate to a new home. In order for us to help you and to facilitate the relocation assistance of $10,000.00 a short sale needs to be initiated on your property. Also you will be allowed 2 additional free months on the property after the short sale to give you time to find a new home and relocate. The following is the benefits you can get from this option:

1. Relocation assistance of $10,000.00 (in 2 installment) to assist you in finding a new home. ($5,000.00 at time of acceptance and $5,000.00 upon short sale closing)

2. A free copy of our Do-It-Yourself Foreclosure Defense Pro Se System containing all the documents you may need to defend yourself in court.

3. A free subscription to Court Report that informs you of all documents recorded in your foreclosure case and at what stage your foreclosure is in.

4. A free copy of our Foreclosure Warning System which will help you identify where your case is and how to respond.

5.2 free months at the end of the process to give you time to find a new home and relocate.

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option-icon OPTION 2

With this option you allow us to buy your property through a short sale. This option will provide you the following during this process:

1. We will accept the property with any and all problems including violations, liens, mortgages, and foreclosures.

2. We pay you $5,000.00 in relocation assistance upon acceptance and relinquishment of the property and keys.

3. We pay you an additional $5,000.00 in Relocation Assistance at the closing of the short sale.

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Many people don’t realize that after a foreclosure is done the homeowner is still technically in debt even though the bank has taken their property.

This remaining debt comes in two forms, deficiency and tax liability.

A deficiency comes in because the bank can sue you for up to five years after the foreclosure for any amount of money you own them on your foreclosure that they were unable to recover when they sold your home at auction. So they sue you and get was is called a Deficiency Judgment and then they go after you for the money. Yes that right, the bank can sue you, for up to five years after the foreclosure and they will.

The bank also has the right to issue you a 1099 tax form for any moneys it lost between the amount of the loan that you owed and the amount your property sold for at auction. As an example, if you owed $200,000.00 on your mortgage and the bank sold your home at auction for $100,000.00, the bank lost $100,000.00 and in the eyes of the bank you gained it by not having to pay it to them. In this case the bank will issue you a 1099 indicating additional income to you of $100,000.00 on the year you lost the home.

In summary the following is what The Court Report can do for you in your foreclosure through a short sale:

1. Provide you with more time in your property to get your things in order

2. Provide you with up to $10,000.00 or more in relocation assistance to help you find a new home

3. Communicate with the bank and their attorneys, on your behalf, to initiate a short sale and effectively stall your foreclosure

4. Help you avoid a significant and costly Deficiency Judgment

5. Help you avoid a substantial tax hit in the form of a 1099 from the bank.

6. Help you walk away clean and really debt free from your foreclosure with money in your pocket.

7. All fees and cost associated with these services provided by the Court Report are paid by us. YOU PAY NOTHING. YOU ONLY GAIN.

Recap: the homeowner pays nothing for our services and after the short sale will be truly debt free in regards to the foreclosed property and walk away with up to $10,000.00 or more. A Win, Win, for the Homeowner.