The Court Report is a document we obtain directly from county public sources and records showing all the documents which have been filed against you in your case and those filed by your attorney if you have one.

By utilizing The Court Report together with our Foreclosure Warning System you will be able to determine where your case is NOW and exactly what document you may file to defend yourself. It will also show you when the timing is right for you to initiate a Short Sale.

By defending yourself using our system, you may be able to extend, cancel, delay or even dismiss your foreclosure. It will also give you the opportunity to BENEFIT FROM YOUR FORECLOSURE.

Below you will find links to examples of The Court Report outlining the 5 different stages, from Low Risk to Severe Risk. Each stage is categorized by a color and will be highlighted in the examples. The purpose of this is for you to compare your Court Report to our examples. This will allow you to better understand how to respond to your foreclosure.

Remember that by using our system you may be able to extend, cancel, delay, or dismiss your case and even benefit from your foreclosure.